I am awake

I am alive

I am orange

From around December 2012 I started tweeting the phrase I am awake/I am alive. This evolved slowly (becoming fully realised in April of 2013) into a 3 phrase mantra that I tweet somewhat often.

On 2016/10/30 I decided to turn this practise into a practical verification of identity using a Git repo and GPG signed commits of the readme. I believe this is both a way of storing changes in my mind over time and also as a verification that these words come from me. You can read the git over on my github

How to verify me being alive (my signature of this project)


To verify this is me you can find my public key either at keybase or by searching a keyserver / pool for my fingerprint either printed on my business card, twitter, or simply “105C A1F4 AF75 DFE3 04AD C68B 7181 6DF5 3240 20E9”. or if you have curl just grab it with

curl https://keybase.io/ff4500/pgp_keys.asc | gpg –import git clone https://github.com/ixt/I-am-awake-I-am-alive-I-am-orange

the above command will download the git repo with the history of my signing

git verify-commit master
the above command prints out the raw proof of signiture

The print out will look something like what is below:

gpg: Signature made Sun 25 Dec 2016 20:34:32 GMT gpg: using RSA key 012E450A25405E4004C81B2C6B35D47864E747E3 gpg: Good signature from “NfN Orange orange@ff4500.red

As long as it reads good signature that is signed with the key you downloaded before. You need to have an aspect of your own trust about the place you downloaded it from, comparing to my fingerprint using “gpg –fingerprint orange@ff4500.red” to a copy you have from a business card is a good way to check for authenticity or the next best thing is comparing the proofs on keybase