A digital tribute to Peter Dreher’s Glass paintings.


Dreher Tweet is the working title of a series of works in tribute to Peter Dreher’s Tag um Tag guter Tag (“day by day good day”) that takes the form of a 6 frames per day live stream that is exhibited on my twitter account. I am producing this series automatically by having a webcam which takes a photo of my orange mug in my bedroom, that is then tweeted.

This occurs everyday at 0:33, 4:33, 8:33, 12:33, 16:33 and 20:33 UTC. I chose these times in order to reference John Cage’s work 4’33” in order to present the work as more of a performance of the ordinary parts of this system, the photo, the tweet, the weather, the light, the time etc. The 4 hour repeat was decided to give the series a higher frequency of works and in part due to the times falling in two sets of 3 (one set in each 12 hour period) as a further reference in time to 4’33” (4 hours, 3 in AM, 3 in PM).

The code is available in the Twitter directory of this git A stream of just cup tweets is available by searching or linked here